Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cost/Benefit of Bead Projects

What do you mean “Cost / Benefit of Bead Projects”?  Hey, beading is fun and using math and financial terms like “cost/benefit” just doesn’t seem right……………

Oh but it sometimes is!   When you make a project, there is the cost of the beads and your time.  The cost of the beads can’t be argued.  And your Time????  Actually, this can be a high cost if the time to create is LONG.  But, let’s review this.  IF you are having a great time doing it, IF you are enjoying yourself,  IF you want to do it versus anything else.  IF it is your hobby.  Then that cost is either 0 (zero) or negative. If, however, you are doing this to support yourself (it is your job), then your time always matters.

So here is my story in explanation.  We had hired a temporary clerk to catch up on some filing that was way overdue.  After a few hours she came into my office and wearily complained “This is Work!”.  I looked at her and calmly explained “Yes.  It is work and that is why we pay you. Because, if it was fun, You would be paying US.” (ok I may have had a bit of sarcasm in my voice….. but only a bit).  She seemed surprised at that as if that notion had never occurred to her.  Did I mention she did not return from lunch? 

Anyway my point is that regardless of time spent, if you are having fun and enjoying it, then that fact matters.  How much time you spend actually matters too.  In all honesty, I see some projects and I always evaluate how much I like it versus how much time it will take.  There are certain techniques and stitches that I don’t really enjoy doing,  so I would REALLY have to love the end product.  That evaluation helps me to make better decisions regarding “do I want to do this”.   After you’ve been beading long enough, you will invariably do a project that, while you love the end result, you proudly proclaim  “I’m NEVER doing That again!”.  When you get better at your cost/benefit analysis, then you probably can avoid this (and have fewer UFOs those unfinished projects…). 

In honor of the season.
Because you have little time and lots of presents to make
and I’m Honoring the Pay it Forward beaders are doing now

I am putting a free BEST COST/BENEFIT EVER project on my website. (at the top).  It is a simple Chevron stitch bracelet.  You can make Many really fast.  But by using great beads, changing up the shapes and colors, you can create a wonderful variety of bracelets that you can sell or give as gifts.  Cuz they work up really fast.  Cuz they have a wonderful “wow” factor.
Get this now, I don’t know how long I will leave it there. 
And have a Great Holiday Season!!!!!

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