Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Been awhile right? I’ve been busy and here is why! …. I've been working on my new book which has just been listed on Amazon. The title is Bead Play with Fringe and it includes techniques, design and projects.


If you are having trouble finding it, just search for: Jamie Cloud Eakin and it will display all my books.

For the last 20 years I have been waiting for this book. I thought someone else would write it, but that just didn’t happen. I was complaining that there wasn’t a reference book for fringe, you know, one that you would keep next to your work table, with all the styles and instructions in one easy place. I find reference materials to be very valuable to keep nearby. This helps me as I design so that my work stays fresh and interesting, so I don’t just keep doing the same thing all the time. It is very easy to fall into that trap. After all, it is comfortable and convenient to do something you have done many times before. However, this also can put you into a trap….

As I’m complaining a friend said “So write one.” Picture the hand hitting the forehead like in the V-8 commercials…..

So I did.

This really is a reference book (totally not a coffee table book). There are all the favorite fringe styles plus many you are not familiar with. Since my motivation is to raise the beading IQ for people who read my books, you can be sure there are lots of illustrations, tips, and of course designing issues are discussed.