Friday, October 24, 2014

Party on with All Colors

Like most beaders- I love color.
Like most beaders- I tend to use some colors more than others.
Like most beaders- I tend to avoid some colors more than others.

Hey!  That is OK!!!! 
Beading is something that I love to do so it only natural that I tend to use the colors I like the most rather than other colors.  I enjoy these more, so I let myself party-on!   If and when you want to branch out to other colors, there are many resources to help you do this (My personal favorite is The Beaders Color Palette by Margie Deeb).  Or you can simply test and investigate yourself. 

So what is the point?  My point here is to use colors you love and enjoy yourself.  Yes, there are groups of people who will give you a set of colors like the Pantone colors for the season.  And, they will also name a color of the year.  You will start to see these colors in the stores as you buy new clothing, but you will also see the colors for last season and the season before.  With all of these choices, chances are pretty good you will find something in a color you like and can wear.  These declared colors are taken as “direction” by clothing designers and manufacturers….. but, as a beader, You can use these colors or IGNORE them, it is all up to you.  But there is also another key point I want to make……

I hear far too many times a beader lament that they really love a color BUT it isn’t a color they can wear.  Therefore they don’t use that color in their beadwork.  Recently an intense tangerine orange was the color of the year and even more recently was an orchid/lavender color.  Personally I look terrible in both those colors.  You know what I’m talking about:  when you find many people asking you if you are tired or sick?   You are actually feeling pretty good, but the colors do not play well with your complexion or hair color.   Most people have experienced this, and so they simply avoid that color altogether.  Let me just say “NONSENSE” people!   This is Jewelry so you can use and wear anything you love!   So, unless you are running around naked except for your jewelry then you can wear that color… In Jewelry.   Don’t buy a sweater in that color or a t-shirt.  But ABSOLUTELY you can wear a beaded necklace or bracelet in that color. 

The framing of your face, the reflection off whatever top/blouse you are wearing is much more heavily influenced by your clothing leaving you free to have fun with that “forbidden” color with your jewelry.  If nothing else, get a cream, eggshell, white, or pale grey that looks good with your complexion, then wear jewelry in that orange or orchid (or whatever color is terrible on you) with that sweater.  You will feel wonderful and get compliments… and you won’t be depriving yourself of having a good time with a color you love.

Conclusion:   Party on with your beadwork and jewelry… the world of ALL colors is your oyster! 

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